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Dragon Ball 2012 Dragon Foot Website

Dragon Ball 2012 creative design

  • Creative concept and design development for all promotional materials associated with Dragon Ball 2012 Gala event, designed by creative director Grace Leung-Cheng.

Dealer display unit

  • Complete dealer package containing shelf display and products for Coloplast’s new colostomy skin care product line

Immunications for Children and Teens

  • Pediatric vaccination guide

Guide for parents and physicians outlining vaccinations recommended for pediatric patients undergoing treatment

Ulcerative Colitis

  • Pediatric ulcerative colitis brochure

Brochure for patients and their parents with important information about their treatment, and answers to frequently asked questions

Firman Lee,

Director, New Business and Client Services
Toronto: 1 647 947-1872
Montreal: 1 438-238-5553

What is the Mitochondrion Group?

  • We are a marketing communications agency that is entrepreneurial-minded, seeking like-minded clients, to develop more creative and collaborative client-agency relationships

  • Our team draws from international professionals, providing insights and expertise that are truly global, helping you grow your business beyond your competition

  • Ideas know no boundaries – Mitochondrion Group brings our out-of-the-box approach, for your in-the-box issues and resources!


Our business model

  • We will create a bespoke rate card, to bring you solutions ranging from strategic insights into your brand to creative executions of your marketing plan

  • You will not pay higher rates to cover services, departments or expensive overhead you do not need

  • We will not mark-up out-of-pocket expenses or hard costs

  • We will offer big agency experience, services and results

  • Our team has tens of years of experience working in the large agencies and/or on the industry side who now find greater satisfaction in offering more flexible and tailored strategic counsel and services to our clients

  • We work on an on-demand client model, and have demonstrated big results – just look at Mitochondrion Group’s growing portfolio of work.


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Our Commitment to Stellar Customer Service:

  • To help small- to mid-tier companies chart their own success versus their larger competitors and peers, by operating as they do – with a sensitive and responsive client service attitude

  • We demonstrate expensive does not mean better and that quality results comes from a greater emphasis on creativity and resourcefulness


Under Construction

Under Construction

All businesses start with an idea. Mitochondrion group is dedicated to helping our clients take their unique ideas effectively to market, and their businesses quickly into the future. Our meticulous and integrated approach enables us to distill our client’s essence and create a comprehensive portfolio of communications solutions that align with their key corporate identity and strategy.

With a responsive and innovating attitude, we will support your efforts, and leverage our knowledge, experience and resources to quickly develop solutions to your marketing challenges. And in doing so, help you attain and exceed your business objectives.

Contact us today and experience the difference that Mitochondrion group’s “Speed. To market.” can make for your business!

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